Climbing Tree

To touch the sky

From a tree so high

As a bird

Must dare to fly

Gone from here

No place near

Spread my wings

Farewell to fear

It’s time I go

Will they know?

Miss me, yes

Or miss me, no


As a child, I spent hours playing in a tree in my front yard, hoping to reach the top and beyond…


9 thoughts on “Climbing Tree

    • THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! It is so nice to know you think of my blog in this way. I really, really appreciate it, and I hope I can show my appreciation for you in return. 🙂

      • You are sweet. Everyone needs feedback. I want to encourage you. It sounds to me like you have gone through so much. I call those intense problems, “miracle grow.”

      • Aw, I love that – miracle grow! I don’t mean to dwell on the negative in my writings. I just have things I need to get out, in a sense. I suppose that’s a commonality all of us bloggers share. Thank you again for all your support!!

    • That’s so neat! Yes, I have some special memories of sitting in that tree, as funny as that sounds. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment:)

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