Good Shoes

She just wants nice shoes.  Black, size 8, and pretty.  That’s all she wants.

“Nice shoes for church this  Easter Sunday,” she tells her husband.

So out he goes, stopping at the first shoe store in town he sees.  This one has red for sale signs in the windows.  He walks up and down the aisles of tall shelves lined with boxes until he finds her size.  The women around him are standing before the mirrors, looking down at the reflections of their outstretched feet. He pardons himself as he walks between them and their mirrors.

It doesn’t take long before he finds what seems like the perfect pair.  He carries the box over to the counter.  “I wish my husband would shoe shop for me,” says the friendly woman at the register. “What a lucky lady!”

He nods shyly, thanks her and leaves the store.

When he gets home, his wife is sitting in her wheelchair, just as she was when he’d left her.  Pillows propped on each side of her body help to keep her upright. She asks if he’d had any trouble. “No, and they were cheap too,”  he says with a smirk.

As he takes them out of the box, he reminds her that they aren’t anything fancy. She waves her hand at him, telling him he knows she doesn’t care about those sorts of things.  He opens up the box and spreads the white tissue paper apart like a curtain, revealing a surprise. He pulls out just one black dress shoe, smooth and shiny with a flat heel, and slightly pointed in the front. She smiles and tells him they’re great.

He kneels down uncomfortably on one knee before her. He lifts one of her thin – but very heavy – calves toward him.   While holding her heel with one hand, he uses his other hand to gently rock the new shoe back and forth until it finally comes to rest over her hard, still foot.  She smiles, and he hears relief in her voice when she says it fits.

He stands up and looks her over. She’s trying to turn her foot towards her eyes –  just like the women in the store were.  But she can’t.  And, unlike those worn by the women in the store, he knows that these shoes his wife is wearing will never even touch the ground.

“I can’t wait until Sunday,” she says, her eyes on her new shoe.

“I know,” he says thoughtfully as he collects the tissue paper and box.  “It’ll be a good day…”

A moment in time between my Mother and Father, teenage sweethearts. My Mother passed away from complications from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 46. My Father was her full-time caregiver, as her illness robbed her of the ability to walk or care for herself at all. The love between them was extraordinary and rare. 


29 thoughts on “Good Shoes

    • No, don’t cry! 😉 The strong ones are my Mom and Dad. My Dad is my hero and, even though my Mom is gone, her strength still moves me. And I’m glad the love and devotion they had for one another still moves others too. Thanks again, Stacie:)

  1. You do not know how touching this was to me and how many tears are streaming down my cheeks as I was reading it. What an incredible story of love and devotion. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. It is moments like this that warms your heart knowing the love and thought that went into it.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it, although I’m sorry you cried:/ I just have these little moments throughout my life all in my head that need to get out onto paper. It is nice knowing that even just one person could be moved or inspired by them. Thank you!

  2. Reblogged this on A Dog With Fleas and commented:
    Ijust had to share this story from Swerving For Butterflies. This touching and heartwarming story literally had tears streaming down my cheeks. It shows the power of true love and devotion.

  3. Also, hope you don’t mind that I reblogged this on my blog. I think everyone should read this beautiful story that touched my heart!!

    • I am so honored!! Thank you so much, I just can’t say that enough to you and the others who are such great supporters of my little blog. I hope I show my appreciation!

  4. This little story is truly a wonderful representation of the love your father had for your mother. I have an uncle dealing with MS, and it truly is the small moments like this that you remember forever. So sweet.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this… I am sorry your uncle is dealing with MS. It can be a devastating illness. You’re right about those small moments that just stay with you and truly change the way you see life. Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to reading more from you..

  5. Wow. This is such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing this memory. So important for everyone to read and really reflect on…it’s one of those posts that’s really going to continue to twirl around in my mind and think about.

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you were moved by it. I know you can relate on some level. When you’re forced to sit back and watch a relationship face hardship, every moment turns into a snapshot in your mind. You’re seeing beautiful memories be made each day:)

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